Zack Davidson

Behind the Board


     Zack has been putting music into computers and twisting knobs since he was in middle school. He got is first drum set in 7th grade and learned the guitar by 8th. He began writing songs, often with friends, about girls, religion, and life. Shortly after he began recording these songs, the child-like obsession followed. Once committed to his purpose in his sophomore year of high school, he enrolled and completed a four-year program at the University of Saint Francis. Zack holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Music Technology with a concentration in Recording and Production and an Associates degree in Business Management. He has freelanced his own business as a music producer/audio engineer since graduating in 2013.


     Zack has worked with a large array of local artists (Indiana) including C-Mob, T-Zank, Nyzzy Nyce, A.M.F.J., J-Tubbs, Trajik, e3, and many more hip hop artists. Other musical credits include Kimberly Gallighan (Country), Misunderstood Music (Gospel/RnB), Chase Huglin (Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter), Invasion Prophecy (Heavy Metal), Heartland Sings and Patricia Spedden (Classical), and Deceptaconz (EDM).

     His first work with a national artist was Mark Battles. Shortly after followed Derek Luh, Skate Maloley, Dizzy Wright, Curren$y, Futuristic, King Louie, King Los, and many more to come.